QIA Group

Since its inception in 2005, QIA Group has been shaped by a need to continuously improve our service offering and to set the standard for compliance reporting wherever possible. We are committed to engaging the best people and developing the most efficient systems to deliver reports that are cost effective, concise and easily understood. We understand that people are our business, whether they are our staff or our customers.

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, our staff are highly experienced, knowledgeable, accessible and responsive. We ensure our clients are reliably informed and that our services represent great value for money. We have combined the extensive experience of our staff with a philosophy of striving to continuously improve our service offering to ensure our services remain relevant and functional into the future. In this way, QIA Group is able to consistently apply the benefit of many decades of experience to everything we do.

  • Experience You Can Trust
  • Decades of Experience working for you
  • Practical Reporting
  • Exceptional After Sales Service
  • Report Express - 28 Business Day Guarantee
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  • Premium Portal Services


With the changing nature of the industry and the introduction of technology to bring buildings into the modern age, we have developed multiple portal services to give our clients greater connectivity with their buildings.

QIA Property Reports and Services

QIA Group offers a complete range of services to meet statutory requirements for property compliance reporting and provide an expert report tailored to each property. We have been engaged by clients around Australia and continue to provide reports that meet the requirements of each State or Territory.

QIA Fire Reports and Services

QIA Group provides Fire Reports and Services in line with the State and Territory Building Fire Safety legislation and lead by Fire Safety Veterans. Our services extend to Fire Evacuation Plans and Training, as well as the installation of Safety Cabinets and the compilation of an Annual Occupiers Statement.